We are triply

As experts for data-based mobility analyses, we develop innovative and professional software solutions for sustainable and safe mobility

Our Vision

We create cutting edge technology to lay the foundation for futureproof mobility at an unprecedented scale.

Our Team

We are an interdisciplinary team of competent and experienced transport scientists, mobility experts, data scientists, developers, geoinformaticians,  sales professionals, project managers and more:

Sebastian Tanzer


Christopher Stelzmüller


Gregor Alexander Petri


Nadin Brunnhofer

Project Management

Luis Nachtigall

Fullstack Development

Mehdi Mouammine

Backend Development

Gina Michailidou

Geospatial Data Science

Amine Ahnine

Backend Development

Nikolai Janakiev

Data Science

Jonas Dorfinger

Frontend Development

Lucas van der Meer

Head of Research / Geoinformatik

What We Stand For


We respect each other, share knowledge, have fun
and grow together


We provide a supportive environment where ideas
can be developed while constantly challenging the
status quo.


We have a clear plan of action, well-defined goals
and we make sure everyone is on board


We combine social, ecological and economical
aspects to set the foundation for sustainable mobility


We provide data-driven solutions backed by specific
research and offer insight into the underlying

You want to help shape the future of
sustainable mobility?

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