Cloud software for
traffic planning

Traffic planning and management made

Planning new and adapting existing
public transport systems is complex and time-consuming.

We at triply have developed an innovative software solution for
use in municipalities, transport companies and planning offices
to make the work of transport planners, transport managers and
mobility planners easier.



Effective planning

With triply’s Software as a Service software solution, you
can focus on the value-adding activities in transport
planning. Our powerful cloud infrastructure and
intelligent algorithms take care of the time-consuming
preliminary work and computationally intensive analyses
for you – quickly and resource-efficiently.


Easy to use

The intuitive user experience of our SaaS solution makes traffic and mobility analysis and planning easy. Our solution is designed for a wide range of professional users: from experts to beginners.


New perspectives

Our interactive software solution gives you completely new perspectives when planning and designing transport systems. Use the interactive map function, for example, to display the coverage of public transport systems clearly and precisely in the shortest possible time. Or to visualise the effects of changes – due to road works or additional stops – on accessibility. This makes potential analyses and the creation and analysis of different scenarios much easier.


Convincing visualisations

If needed, the triply software allows you to easily
create compelling and understandable
visualisations for communication with
stakeholders and decision-makers.


Communicate clearly

The traffic planning aspects of public infrastructure projects are often not clearly understood by many citizens. The triply solution enables the complexity of mobility projects to be communicated in a comprehensible way, and also helps to integrate the population into the planning process. This makes coordination processes easier and faster and reduces costs.

Traffic planning and
management made easy

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“With triply, we've been able to not only assess the impact of our planned train line on local commuters but also visualize and communicate our findings to the general public!”

Fabian Vogel, 
Rhomberg Bau GmbH